Last prenatal check up..

Today was our last prenatal check up before we have the baby! We were due on the 12th, so we’re now 2 days late. My doctor checked my cervix (1 cm dilated) and stripped my mucus (which was pretty gross) to hopefully start contractions (it hasn’t so far). She then sent us over to the hospital to do a stress and fluid test. We had already been to OB Triage a few weeks ago when I thought my water broke, but I just pee’d myself. So, we knew how to get there.

They hooked me up to some monitors, and determined that the baby is doing ‘fantastic and is very happy’ :D. Then they sent us down to ultrasound with a nurse-in-training to observe, who was really nice. Wendy’s head is down, she’s not breached, and the fluid was 9.3, which I guess is normal.

Next step was scheduling an induction! I won’t be pregnant forever!! If I don’t go into labor, I will be getting induced on Sunday at 4:00pm!

I’m pretty excited about the induction, but also pretty nervous. My doctor said that I won’t feel anything for a while then its going to all come on at once, feeling like a truck hitting my vagina. 😯 That sounds… fun… not. lol. On the other hand, I really want to get this baby out of me. I’m so uncomfortable and anxious, the sooner, the better.


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