Baby Bow Crochet Headband

bheadband3Here’s a little (and fast!) Crochet tutorial for you! You can make them, sell them, give them as gifts, whatever you’d like! Just please don’t pretend this tutorial is yours :). If you have any questions, please just comment and I’ll try to get back to you a.s.a.p.! 😉

Headband:  (For the BC, I would suggest making enough chains to fix around your little one’s head. Just keep making chains and checking if it fully goes around! I used 61 put you can replace the 61 below for any number you’d like.)

Base Chain: 61 ch, connect with ss to first ch

Row 1: 2 ch, sc in next chain and across to end. finish up and sew in tail.


Base Chain: 25 ch, connect with ss to first ch

Row 1: 2 ch (counts as first sc), sc in next chaid and across, ss to first sc

Row 2-5: repeat row 1

finish up, sew in tail.


Base Chain: 10 ch, sc in 3rd ch from hook, sc across to end, finish off.


Now you should have these three pieces (I hadn’t sewn in the tails yet in these pictures >_< ). Take the Bow and Headband and hold them together as you use the small band to wrap around the two. You can use the tails from the small band to tie them together.

And you are done! Enjoy! ❤


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