The Waiting Game…

Well, my first blog post! This is exciting/nerve-wracking. I guess I should start of as to why I felt the need to start a blog. For those of you who already know about MissBrite.Com, you’ll know this used to be a Sim’s download site. However, I haven’t updated that website since January. The main reason being: I’m pregnant.

I had just moved to Phoenix, AZ from California and within 2 weeks of the move, found out the big news. Finding out you’re pregnant changes your whole lifestyle and interests. I no longer had any desire to play Sims. Why would I? I have my own house to maintain/decorate and boyfriend to take care of. I tried a few times but between my persistent back pain and lack of attention span, I was over it.

So, I’ve spent the last eight months and three ½ weeks getting ready for our daughter, Wendy Fae’s, arrival. With the house clean, the nursery decorated, and my copy of What to Expect the First Year highlighted to oblivion, I’ve been just waiting to go into labor. And waiting… and waiting… and waiting.

My god, was everyone right! This has been the longest week of my life! Every little ache and pain has turned into a fleeting feeling of ,”Yay! This might be it!”, only to have nothing happen. People say you should be enjoying this time alone, as you wont have it again for a long time, to sleep/catch up on reading, etc… but I am so bored and anxious I just want to get it over with. I’m excited to meet my little girl. See her face, hold her hand.

I’m ready to be a mother.

I’m trying to keep busy by starting this blog. I know I probably won’t have all the time in the world to be a huge blogger, but I want to chronicle my new life. I want to document these next couple years, with my daughter growing up. I want to share what I learn and share things that have helped me.

I hope you enjoy this new site. Let’s let the waiting game begin!